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Who is Georgia?

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Today the Bulldawg Blawg is running a fascinating feature called "Are You Georgia?", named after those insidious towels and designed to divide various characters from Georgia athletics among those who "are Georgia" are "kind of" Georgia, and those who most decidedly are not Georgia.

As a fan of the blog series genre, I think this is a great idea, and I've been kicking around my suggestions, which I'll go over and post as soon as I figure out how to defend them. I also want to avoid the obvious (Herschel Walker for example), and try to go sport by sport (otherwise "not Georgia" would just be a list of Harrick-era basketball recruits). I'm thinking:

I'm Georgia: Michael Johnson. Say it with me, "70 X-Takeoff". The words make me smile even four and a half years later. His catch against Auburn in 2002 sent the Dawgs to their first ever SEC Championship game and cleared the way for their first SEC Championship in 20 years.

I'm Georgia...kind of: Terreal Bierria. He was a solid, if unspectacular, safety for the Bulldogs, before inexplicably leaving after his junior year to enter the NFL Draft. He was subsequently drafted at the tail end of the 4th round by the Seattle Seahawks and has cobbled together a respectable NFL career. If he had stayed for his senior season however, Bierra could have quite possibly been an All-SEC performer and made himself a lot of money. He would have graduated with Michael Johnson, and an SEC Championship ring.

I'm Not Georgia: This was tough, but I'll go with Daniel Cobb. The quarterback from Marietta signed with Georgia in 1996, and after his redshirt year, found himself in a five-way quarterback battle with the likes of Nate Hybl (the Jeff Davis Co. standout who went on the start at Oklahoma and play for the Cleveland Browns), Mike Usry, Jon England and some guy named Quincy from Southwest DeKalb High School who had originally signed to play at Georgia Tech (which in retrospect should have been some kind of clue).

Quincy won that battle, thereby causing Cobb to transfer to Auburn, where he ultimately started for a while before giving way to Jason Campbell. So why my distaste for Daniel Cobb? Well, he transferred to Auburn, and as the proprietor of this site will tell you, all right-thinking Georgians hate Auburn. More importantly however, I like to think that if Cobb had just been able to win the starting quarterback job in 1997, he probably wouldn't have thrown five interceptions against South Carolina. Or do anything else particularly embarassing.

So, if you have a chance, head over to the Bulldawg Blawg and check it out.