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TMI 2008: Star Jackson (QB, Lake Worth, FL)

It's time for yet another installment of the blog feature whichs trades on random speculation and loose-lipped conjecture about things the author has little practical knowledge of. No, not Colin Cowherd's page at (sorry, I really couldn't help it). I'm talking about TMI 2008, your look at some of the potential recruits for Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs.

It's a long way until signing day, and I am trying to keep some semblence of order to this project. In that vein, I'll continue looking at some of the quarterbacks the Dawgs have been in contact with. Today's signal caller is Star Jackson, a 6'3, 190 pound junior out of Lake Worth, Florida.

You can see some footage of Jackson in action at Also included is some tape of some other Florida quarterbacks who UGA is not after to my knowledge, including Jacksonville product and Clemson verbal Kyle Parker.

But back to Jackson. He claims offers from Georgia, Alabama, Central Florida and Rutgers, and has developed a good relationship with Coach Bobo. Jackson was named to the South Florida Sun Sentinel's All Palm Beach County First Team even though he only threw for 1200 yards and a dozen touchdowns.

The above picture of Star Jackson would be a whole lot better if it were taken in Alltel Stadium and #4 was wearing orange and blue. And Urban Meyer was somewhere in the background cursing and staring menacingly.(picture credit to Allen Eyestone and the Palm Beach Post)

The Pro: When Jackson follows through on his throws and gets out onto his front leg, he throws one of the prettiest, most powerful balls you'll find. He clearly has a pretty live arm. He also inprovises well, getting out of a couple of jams with solid, if unspectacular, running. I think his foot speed is probably well above average, but to his credit Jackson appears to run smart with the football. He's not looking to bolt from the pocket at the drop of a hat, but he seems to have a good sense for when things are breaking down.

The Con: Jackson makes way to many throws off his back foot in this video. One of the results is that he hangs balls up in the air that will get picked in college, and he also loses some velocity on these throws. Some of the throws are also risky propositions. All in all, Jackson seems to have the confidence of a gunslinger and the arm to match. But he will need to be more disciplined both in terms of technique and decision-making before he's ready to play at the Division 1-A level.

Until later . . . Go Dawgs!