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UGA vs. Florida Recap

I don't have a whole lot of time or desire to present an extensive postmortem from tonight's 74-57 thrashing by the Florida Gators. Suffice it to say that we played a far superior team. Donavan's jort-clad hordes got out to a 35-14 lead at halftime, which against most squads would be downright humiliating. Under the circumstances however, it was only mildly surprising.

I still believe this team has overachieved, and has the opportunity to build positive momentum heading into next season by making a run in the NIT. My only hope is that we don't go one and done in that tournament, as this would (in my humble opinion) complete a late season swoon that can't all be blamed on Mike Mercer's untimely injury. I'll be out of town tomorrow and Sunday, but I'll be back on Monday morning with my eye on the National Invitational Tournament. I hope that like me you'll put the past two weeks in the rear view and continue to cheer Coach Felton's Dawgs through their growing pains. Until next time . . . Go Dawgs!