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Wednesday Afternoon Dawg Bites: "Death by Munson" Edition

We're just past the midpoint of the work week and time continues to fly by, so, heeding Ferris Bueller's dictum that, since life moves pretty fast, you should slow down every now and again so you don't miss it, I thought I'd take a moment to offer you a quick rundown of that which you need to know, so here goes:

Sherilyn Fenn, shown here with what Ragin' Cajun Rebel considers superfluous extremities. (Photograph from Lynch Posters.)

When asked on the air to name cool ways to die, by the way, my answer was "Death by Munson."

If you're not familiar with the concept of "Death by Munson," it's pretty straightforward. For any denizen of Bulldog Nation, a death is, by definition, a cool death if your demise comes in a manner described by Larry Munson in a famous play call.

If you're killed by having your face stepped on by a hobnailed boot (2001 Tennessee game), that's a cool death. If your heart is ripped from your chest (1997 Georgia Tech game), that's a cool death. If you're crushed beneath a rain of rubble from the collapse of the Gator Bowl (1980 Florida game), that's a cool death. If you're hit in the head by a bag of sugar falling out of the sky (1982 Auburn game), that's a cool death.

If Larry Munson prophesied your demise during a broadcast, that reflects well upon you and, at your funeral, you are entitled to have the Redcoat Band play the arrangement where they start with "The Battle Hymn of Bulldog Nation" and segue into "Ode to Joy."

Could this little punk be any more like Steve Taneyhill?

I believe that covers everything, but, if I missed something, let me know. I'll be back later tonight with a report on this evening's baseball game and you'll want to stay tuned for MaconDawg's coverage of the S.E.C. basketball tournament, as well.

Go 'Dawgs!