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Welcome MaconDawg to Dawg Sports!

I mentioned not long ago that some positive changes were afoot here at Dawg Sports and I am pleased to announce that one of them has reached fruition.

When I first made the move from my old site, Kyle on Football, to SportsBlogs Nation, I indicated that, while my primary focus would remain, ever and always, on Bulldog football, I hoped to be able to branch out into other sports, as well.

While I have tried to cover such other sports as baseball and gymnastics, there have been two important aspects of Georgia athletics at which I have been lacking: basketball and recruiting. Because it mattered that these significant subjects and legitimate areas of interest be covered, I began looking for a way to offer solid content where I was weakest.

As this notion rattled around in my noggin in search of a solution, I found myself linking with increasing frequency to MaconDawg's Blawg, which burst onto the scene last summer and provided interesting insights into a variety of areas, including but not limited to recruiting and basketball. Along the way, I had some exchanges with MaconDawg, which were both cordial and substantive. (In our earlier disagreement, MaconDawg turned out to be right, by the way.)

Now, on the eve of the S.E.C. basketball tournament and the postseason tournament that will follow for Dennis Felton's Dogs, I am pleased to announce that MaconDawg has agreed to come on board here at Dawg Sports, where he will be covering any aspect of Georgia athletics that suits his fancy, among them being subjects which he, like you, finds of interest.

Although he will be doing his share of the heavy lifting here at Dawg Sports, MaconDawg will not be shutting down his existing weblog, so you should continue to check in with him at both sites. In the meantime, though, I hope you will welcome MaconDawg, whom I trust you will find to your liking if you have not had the pleasure already.

Go 'Dawgs!