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Why Dennis Hopper Thinks Billy Donovan is Suave

Remember how dark-haired Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were when they entered the White House? Remember how grey-headed they both were when they left the presidency?

When did being the head coach of the Florida Gators basketball team---not the football team, the basketball team---become a more high-pressure job than being the leader of the free world?

Go by for the Worldwide Leader's coverage of this weekend's Final Four action. Take a gander at the recent photographs of Billy Donovan appearing there.

I hadn't seen a picture of Coach Donovan in a while and I was stunned. When he arrived in Gainesville, he looked like Eddie Munster. These days, he's looking more like Dean Stockwell.

Billy Donovan, upon being hired as the Gators' head coach on March 27, 1996.

Billy Donovan, while considering whether to accept Kentucky's offer.

In any case, I hope Florida's is about to become the second consecutive S.E.C. East program to see the bottom drop out of its tournament-worthiness when its head basketball coach bolts for the Bluegrass State.

For my part, I'd rather lose to Kentucky in a sport that matters more to Ashley Judd and company than lose to Florida in anything.

I'll be back this afternoon to report on what I hope will not be a second straight loss to the Gators in baseball. For now, though . . . go Bruins!

Go 'Dawgs!