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The Recruit Not Taken and Your Last Chance to Tailgate for Another 5 Months

Not a lot of time to blog today. I left my wallet in El Segundo and I got to get it. I just got to get it.

But while I'm out, Dawgsonline has a great story about Bobby Reid, the Oklahoma State quarterback who emerged last year as a star in the Big 12. I remembered him being a part of that bumper crop of quarterbacks in 2004, but I never knew that he was that close to coming to Georgia. Reid's story is a great reminder that the college football recruiting game is a perfect example of the butterfly effect.

And Kyle has things locked down with his continuing coverage of all things Dawg. He and Doug are in the thick of Bloggerpalooza preparations, which will certainly be a far more happening shindig than last year, when rain put a serious damper on the party. You'll want to be there so that 10 years from now you can say, well, "I was there." Of course, if you need immediate gratification, the opportunity to eat fried chicken and krispy kremes while sitting on somebody's car should be all the incentive you need.