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Interesting Coaching Rumor . . .

Sports Illustrated is reporting that Iowa has received permission to talk to Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl about their vacant coaching position.

While Pearl has a great thing going at Tennessee, he was an assistant at Iowa for six years, and by his own admission is very comfortable recruiting the midwest. Also worth considering is the fact that Tennessee is not now, and likely never will be, a basketball school. While Kirk Ferentz's Hawkeyes are huge, Iowa's basketball program has far more parity with football than he can ever hope to achieve in the substantial shadow of Phil Fulmer (pun certainly intended).

Throw in a relatively low buyout ($1 million), and this has a slight chance to happen. If nothing else, Pearl should be able to parlay his team's Sweet Sixteen run into a nifty raise. Not bad for a grown man with an alarming tendency to go shirtless in public.