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Friday's Roundball Roundup.

First, the Tubby issue. I said in the comments below that I think he jumped before being publicly pushed. Suffice it to say that I think Kentucky will have a worse record next year than they did this year. A second round loss to one of the hottest teams in the country (Kansas) is really nothing to sneeze at, even if you're Kentucky.

Speaking of Kansas, their game with Southern Illinois last night was a classic. As was the Texas A&M/Memphis game, and the Ohio State/Tennessee contest, which occurred back-to-back in San Antonio. Whatever the tickets cost to get in the building for that one, it was worth it.

I had Ohio State going all the way in my bracket, beating Kansas in the finals. After last night I'm just not sure about that pick. Oden looked really stiff against Tennessee's smaller quicker frontcourt players (the same ones who gave us fits). Ohio State coach Thad Matta does deserve credit however for using Oden sparingly after he picked up two early fouls. Tennessee fans have to be heartbroken this morning, because it's not often you get a 17 point halftime lead on the #1 team in the country in the Sweet Sixteen. Letting that get away will sting for a while. Though, in the interest of full disclosure, I did feel a sort of guilty pleasure at seeing both a)my bracket saved from certain annihilation and b)the Philbillies take a good swift kick in the collective nether-regions all in one fell swoop.

It's a busy day at the office today, but I'll be back tomorrow with some more recruiting coverage. In the meantime, enjoy Kyle's thought provoking reordering of the college football landscape.