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Random Roundball: Tuesday Edition.

In case you haven't seen it, Paul's got a great interview with Gary Estwick from the Fresno Bee, who covers Fresno State Bulldogs basketball. Estwick seems to think that we will be able to handle their big guys down low. He also points to the fact that the west coast Bulldogs jacked up 841 3-pointers this year, which puts even our occasionally unhealthy reliance on the tre-ball in perspective.

I still worry about what happens if Fresno gets hot from the perimeter against our smaller guards. We're going to need solid defensive performances from T. Brown, Newman, and the other big men to keep them firing them up from outside.

In other news, Marshall canned former UGA basketball coach Ron Jirsa on Monday following a 13-19 season which ran his record over 4 seasons to 43-74 (a far lower winning percentage than the 35-30 that bought him a pink slip in Athens).

Finally, a hearty congratulations goes out to Andy Landers' Lady Dawgs who earned a #3 seed in the women's tournament and will open with Atlantic Sun Conference champion Belmont on Saturday at 2:30 (televised on ESPN). Until later . . .

Go Dawgs!