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Off-field Football News.

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I know we're about to run headlong into March Madness, and Kyle is busy re-ordering the entire college football universe. But there is some off-field football news which requires your attention.

CBS Sportsline has an article on Tyrone Prothro, the star-crossed Alabama receiver who made one of the greatest catches in recent college football history. The upshot is that Prothro may or may not play again. No one really knows, including Nick Saban, who has the uncomfortable task of figuring out what to do with Prothro's scholarship.

Many of you also remember Clemson tailback Ray Ray McElrathbey, who last year sought and received custody of his little brother, Fahmarr. Unfortunately, McElrathbey has been suspended from the team for academic reasons. One can only hope that he will be able to get things back in order and continue playing for the Danny Ford School of Tractor Design.

Also Kentucky coach Red Foreman, I mean Rich Brooks, has been forced to suspend former uber-recruit Micah Johnson, his brother Christian and starting offensive tackle Garry Williams indefinitely for academic reasons. None of it is Dawg-related, but all worth noting. Until later . . .

Go Dawgs!