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Baby, If You Ever Wondered, Wondered Whatever Became of Orson Swindle . . .

Orson warned you. Peter informed you. I tried to place it in its larger sociological context.

I don't mean sociology in the sense of the academic discipline that exists to make astrology and women's studies seem credible; I mean sociology in a cool, Tom Wolfe kind of way.

I am speaking, of course, of EDSBS Radio, the harbinger of the coming blogospheric domination of all media for which good looks are not a prerequisite!

Despite being provided with a cheat sheet beforehand, I, like MGoBlog's Brian Cook before me, had no answer for the second question, although I somehow managed to back myself into the corner of endorsing Sherilyn Fenn's "Friends" character as an acceptable alternative to her role in "Boxing Helena."

Really, once she tossed Bill Paxton out on his ear, the heroine didn't do too much for me and the movie just got weird.

Upon the subject of combining sweaters with neckties, though, I was utterly unequivocal: nein! It's a mixed message, like brunch, teal, divided government, or Jay Leno as host of "The Tonight Show." If you want to be more formal, wear a blazer with your tie; if you want to go "heavy casual," wear a sweater with an open-collared shirt; but, unless you're Michael J. Fox and it's 1982, eschew the Swindle combination.

In any case, although Orson offered an opening observation about my accent and the initial critique noted that the callers sounded worse than we wrote, I'd have to say the opening salvo of EDSBS Radio was surreal, but successful.

If you weren't there tonight, be sure to tune in next Tuesday evening at 8:00. (I would tell you the time zone, but you can probably figure it out from my East Coast bias.) Orson is doing his darnedest to defend his Best Podcast/Audio C.F.B.A. and you'll want to be a part of the fun.

Go 'Dawgs!