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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But It Will Have Technical Difficulties

If you didn't hear last night's debut of EDSBS Radio, fear not; you can listen to the archived train wreck here (including the part that didn't make it on-air during the live broadcast!) or read the various and sundry postmortems from Joel, Peter, Orson, and me.

Evidently, there was a great deal of interest in finding out what familiar folks from the blogosphere sound like, with the initial critique being that the callers sounded worse than they wrote. Some folks thought I sounded just like they imagined; others thought it wasn't really me; even Orson commented on my accent.

Yes, that's really what I look like . . . and, yes, that's really what I sound like.

I bungled my answer when asked about the "shameshag" but ultimately conceded that, while I wouldn't have anything to do with Sherilyn Fenn at the end of "Boxing Helena," I'd have been all right with her character from "Friends," whose peg leg Joey accidentally tossed into the fire.

Orson took issue with anyone who didn't "find Sherilyn Fenn minus her arms and legs sexy," while Ragin' Cajun Rebel retained an open mind.

Allegedly, Orson is the one on the right. If you dressed like that, you wouldn't rule out gals with multiple amputations, either. (Photograph from Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer.)

Because this clearly is a pressing issue, I have put up a new poll question: "What is the maximum number of limbs Sherilyn Fenn could be missing before you would cease to find her attractive?" There are multiple options available for your selection and Orson will work the poll results into next week's show.

This is not a scientific study, but I encourage you to cast your vote on this question of great national import, which is secondary in significance only to the issue of whether Orson should wear sweaters with ties. (Orson wants to dress like Alex P. Keaton, and I'm the one who's stuck in 1983? Seriously, dude, this is only because Florida's head coach wears Members Only jackets, isn't it?)

Orson Swindle, fashion plate.

As we say in Georgia, "Vote early and vote often!" Orson's nascent effort to reduce the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network to the status of the Worldwide Runner-Up in Sports needs your support!

Go 'Dawgs!