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Freshman Linebacker Disciplined by Coach Richt

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As MaconDawg predicted, Mark Richt has suspended Akeem Hebron for two games as a result of the redshirt freshman linebacker's arrest early Sunday morning.

Once again, Coach Richt has demonstrated his willingness to mete out discipline swiftly whenever his players have run-ins with the law. While reasonable citizens may question whether the acts allegedly committed by Hebron ought to be illegal, what the young man is accused of doing is unlawful and, as consistently has been the case throughout his tenure, Coach Richt handed down a genuine punishment within 48 hours of learning of a player arrest.

Hebron will miss the Bulldogs' games against Oklahoma State and South Carolina, both of which represent legitimate challenges for the Red and Black. Especially in comparison to some Southeastern Conference coaches I could name, Coach Richt's insistence upon discipline is admirable.

Go 'Dawgs!