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The Lemon Support Fund

The N.C.A.A. has granted permission to the University of Georgia Athletic Association to accept donations on behalf of Michael Lemon and his 15-year-old brother, Marquez, in the aftermath of their mother's death.

Although it is anticipated that a trust fund will be established, N.C.A.A. rules requiring strict adherence limit the athletic association's ability to disburse funds. Once The Lemon Trust Fund is established, however, the donations will be transferred to the trust.

Those wishing to contribute should send their donations to:

University of Georgia Athletic Association
c/o Eric Baumgartner
Post Office Box 1472
Athens, Georgia 30603

Checks should be made payable to "The University of Georgia Athletic Association" and should indicate "The Lemon Support Fund" on the memo line of the check.

Go 'Dawgs!