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Sunday Night Dawg Bites

If it's the offseason, this must be the time for Georgia football players to begin taking part in basically harmless yet nevertheless maddeningly foolhardy incidents involving allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

Fortunately, the Classic City has never been a haven for the sorts of eyebrow-raising shenanigans historically associated with Oklahoma, Miami, Florida State, Tennessee, or, of course, Ohio (Ohio), but the Red and Black perennially have their share of arrests for driving on a suspended license or minor alcohol-related offenses.

This year, alas, will be no exception: Akeem Hebron, a redshirt freshman expected to compete for playing time at outside linebacker, was booked by the University Police Department for alleged underage possession of alcohol approximately at 8:00 this morning. (I am, as always, obliged to the Dawg Bone for directing Bulldog Nation's attention to this unfortunate news.)

Hebron will celebrate his 19th birthday on June 29. Obviously, it is early, but, although this sounds like a typical instance of a kid being away at college and making the same sorts of poor decisions many young men make in his position, I can't help wondering about the timing of his booking. 8:00 on a Sunday morning is an awfully odd time to be partying, even in Athens, so I will be interested to learn about the circumstances surrounding the allegations against Hebron.

In other news:

Go 'Dawgs!