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Sunday Night Dawg Bites

For the second straight week, it was a short weekend for me, as I attended the annual estate planning institute continuing legal education seminar in Athens last weekend and I spent Saturday in McDonough serving as an evaluator for the regional high school mock trial competition. If your weekends have been as busy as mine have been lately, you may have fallen a bit behind, but don't worry, 'cause I'm here to help get you up to date, so hang on tight as I take you through it:

Permit me to state from the outset that Sunday Morning Quarterback is not ignorant and I haven't the faintest notion about his promiscuity.

Rutgers alumna Kristin Davis, a devoted Big East football fan, revels gleefully in the internecine cross-sectional conference warfare brewing between the Big Ten and the S.E.C. as untalented dufus Conan O'Brien ineffectually looks on from nearby. (Photograph from Yahoo! GeoCities.)

Some of the blogosphere's heaviest hitters have been dragged into the fray, as MGoBlog and Every Day Should Be Saturday have thrown down upon this issue. Senator Blutarsky detected a hint of racism in Delany's ill-considered remarks, which garnered mentions from College Football Resource and (as noted by Paul Westerdawg) the mainstream news media. For his part, Sunday Morning Quarterback wonders why we can't all just get along.

Here at Dawg Sports, I have addressed some of these recruiting and scheduling issues. In addition, I have another explanation for the disparity in size between Big Ten and S.E.C. recruiting classes.

Maybe Big Ten teams are signing recruiting classes as large as those landed by S.E.C. teams, but the player head count is being lowballed. This is, after all, an 11-member conference that calls itself the Big Ten, so there's a pretty good chance they're signing 23- and 24-member signing classes and just miscounting them as 20- or 21-member classes.

Exactly the same problem caused Macaulay Culkin to be left behind in "Home Alone."

In the meantime, as noted by A.C. Evans, anyone who believes Georgia isn't taking the academic attainments of its student-athletes seriously hasn't been paying adequate attention.

It's debatable how good a football team they are, but, logo-wise, the Bucs have made great strides since the days of that Day-Glo pirate of questionable orientation, haven't they?

That ought to give you all the information you need to get your work week started off right. I hope you all have a good week and I'll be back with you before you know it.

Go 'Dawgs!