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Dawg Sports Wishes Mark Richt a Happy 47th Birthday

It is a special occasion in Bulldog Nation and, were it not the weekend, I would respectfully recommend that employees take the day off and business owners shut down in celebration. The governor could score major political points by declaring it a statewide holiday.

Today is Mark Richt's 47th birthday.

47 can be a very lucky number.

To put that datum into context, Vince Dooley's 47th birthday was September 4, 1979. Over the course of the five football seasons immediately following that date, Coach Dooley's 'Dawgs went 28-2 in S.E.C. play, won three conference championships and a national title, posted 10 or more victories four times, and attended four bowl games on New Year's Day or later.

So, you know, no pressure or anything, Mark.

Happy birthday, Coach.

Go 'Dawgs!