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Paul Johnson to Tech Rumors and a Plea for Help . . .

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The mood of Bulldog Nation appears to be shifting from anger to resignation to genuine excitement over the 'Dawgs impending trip to the Sugar Bowl. Kyle is giving you all the information you need to know about Hawaii one sugary scoop at a time. I'll certainly be chiming in with some commentary on the "no longer rainbow" Warriors. There are also all kinds of interesting coaching tidbits (some of which I'll explore in a second). But first, a little housekeeping.

As most of you know, my primary responsibilities on this site include basketball and recruiting coverage. Georgia's mens basketball team now stands at 5-1 after an exciting win against Augusta State. The women are once again ranked in the top 10, undefeated, and building toward a run at the SEC title. Mark Richt and his recruiting team have put together a class universally ranked in the top 5 in the country, and are done for the year with the exception of 1 to 2 spots still to be filled (assuming there are no defections, of course).

So I'll be ramping up the basketball here soon. My hope this year is to provide more coverage of the national basketball landscape. I am also hoping to do a little more work for football recruiting for the class of 2009. Georgia is already out recruiting several players for that class, and we hope to bring you expanded coverage of those recruiting efforts that are reasonable, rational and not the least bit creepy.

All of that having been said, I'd love to know what direction you all would like the recruiting and basketball coverage to go in. This site is ultimately about you the readers, and we are always interested in knowing what you are looking for. So help us help you. Anybody have any thoughts?

On to the coaching front, Paul Johnson is apparently the prettiest girl at the prom this year now that Les Miles and Tommy Tuberville are spoken for. Everybody done with the image of Ears and the Hat Man in sequines? Good. We don't want to dwell on that one. Johnson interviewed yesterday for the SMU job and is supposed to talk with Dan Radokovich today about the Georgia Tech job. Tony Barnhart thinks that if Johnson is offered the Tech job he might not take it, electing to go to Dallas instead.

And he may have a good point. SMU is apparently looking to land a coach who can put their program back on the map. Johnson is a proven winner who turns programs around fast. Dan Radokovich is an Athletic Director who just paid Chantar the Mediocre (yes, like everyone affiliated with the trade school Chan has a World of Warcraft name) $4 million dollars just to turn in his parking pass. The Georgia Tech athletic program is not oozing cash. Paul Johnson is not getting any younger, and I'm guessing he wants to get paid. SMU could offer him more money with less pressure to win immediately (the Mustangs haven't had a winning season since 1989). Any coach can tell you that's a winning combination.

On the other hand, every football coach I've ever met was a little bit egotistical. That's not a bad thing in their business, because it helps them compete. But if I were an ego guy, I would think that the Tech job is the "big" job here, regardless of money. It's in the ACC, for crying out loud. Most coaches would rather take the ACC job than the Conference USA job, right?

Of course, if Johnson does go to SMU Barnhart thinks that means John Tenuta becomes the new head coach at Tech. Be still my beating heart. I could not be happier. Tenuta's generally good defenses have shown flashes of mediocrity against good opponents. And his interviews are the auditory equivalent of wallpaper paste. I'm fairly certain that Chan Gailey minus Walter Mathau equals John Tenuta. Also of note is the fact that Will Muschamp was not seriously considered because of his Georgia background. I hate that for him, because I think he's definitely head coach material. But Muschamp will eventually get his shot somewhere.

Again, your thoughts of the roundball and recruiting coverage are appreciated. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!