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The Feel Good Stat of the Day

(The following facts come to you by way of College Football Statistics.)

Over the course of the 2007 campaign, the Hawaii Warriors have defeated ten Division I-A opponents. These are they, with each team's N.C.A.A. rank in total defense listed next to each:

Boise State (21)
U.N.L.V. (62)
Nevada (71)
San Jose State (75)
Fresno State (77)
Idaho (86)
Louisiana Tech (93)
New Mexico State (95)
Washington (102)
Utah State (107)

The Georgia Bulldogs rank 19th in the nation in total defense.

Despite having faced only one defense ranked in the top 60 in the country in total D, Hawaii has seen its offensive production dropping as the quality (such as it is) of the Warriors' competition has been rising.

In Hawaii's first eight games, the Warriors averaged 51.9 points per game, tallying at least 42 points in every outing and passing the 50-point plateau four times. In their last four contests, the Warriors have averaged 34.8 points per game and have not scored as many as 40 points in any outing.

During Hawaii's four-game stretch run against Fresno State, Nevada, Boise State, and Washington, the Warriors have surrendered 27.8 points per game to the opposition.

Go 'Dawgs!