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Final Thoughts on the Eve of the Sugar Bowl

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The final day of 2007 is upon us. Some Georgia fans are saddened, some are concerned, and some are conflicted; some Hawaii fans are classy and intelligent, some are ignorant race baiters, and some doubtless are doing math, figuring that, if Hawaii beat Fresno State by seven, Georgia beat Georgia Tech by fourteen, and Fresno State beat Georgia Tech by twelve, that means Hawaii will beat Georgia by five, right?

For my part, although I am looking forward to the dawn of the new year and the Sugar Bowl tomorrow evening, I am made somewhat wistful by the end of 2007, which has been a great year, personally, professionally, and here in the blogosphere, as capped off by the recent declaration that my diatribe on ESPN was one of BallHype's Top 10 Sports Blog Stories of the Year About . . . Sports Blogs (that's a pretty esoteric category, I know, but, still, it is nice to be included . . . even if this site was referred to as "Hawg Sports").

Here on the eve of the final game of the 2007 campaign, though, it finally is time to announce Bulldog Nation's answer to the Dawg Sports poll question, "How will Georgia fare against Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl?" Of the 926 votes cast, some 366 hew to the view that the 'Dawgs will win big, representing a 39.5 per cent plurality.

Nearly as large a bloc, however, believe the Red and Black will be in for a real fight. This perspective was adopted by 322 voters (34.8%), leaving the 238 ballots submitted by those who are fearful that it will be West Virginia all over again to bring up the rear (25.7%).

We will see who was right tomorrow night, but, for now, we here at Dawg Sports send our best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.