A Hawaii fan's thought's on UGA and the game

A Hawaii fan posted the following message on an internet message board:

"When the Warriors rumble out onto the Sugar Bowl turf on New Years Evening, America will witness in them everything we hope to become as a nation someday. For in the warrior nation... America will see a coalition of race, creed, and culture so diverse yet so dynamic and wound together so tightly that together they have forged a brotherhood so powerful that they've vanquished every opponent put in their path. The Warriors represent what our nation can become if we ever put race, prejudice and hatred behind us and work as one toward a common goal.

The Warriors as a team have embued their spirit into their fans and into their State. When America looks into the Hawaii stands at the Sugar Bowl, they''ll see the same rainbow coalition of faces joined in spirit behind their team. Every race living and working together in the spirit of Aloha forging a powerful force and a mana so strong that very few can overcome it.

In contrast, across the field we'll see the past... a part of our nation we'd like to forget. In the stands a sea of white faces many of them descended from former slave owners cheering on a team where 90 percent of the starters are descended from former slaves. These African American players from Georgia will witness the spirit and power of the warrior nation and when it's over win or lose they'll wish they were a part of the Warrior nation, instead of being the white man's mercenary at the University of Georgia."

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