In My Defense...

I am grateful that Kyle King, from saw fit to dedicate almost an entire blog article to the topic of "Jace Walden." I would like to respond to Kyle's assessment of yours truly as a "good guy and smart fellow and loyal Georgia fan" by complimenting Kyle on his well-written response to my concern about Mark Richt possibly heading to Florida State. If ever there has been a sportswriter with a more extensive vocabulary or a better grasp on the English language than T. Kyle King, let him reveal himself now or forever live in Kyle's shadow.

While beggars cannot be choosers, I would much rather Kyle have dedicated a blog article to one of the many positive/optimistic pieces I have written about the Bulldogs. That said, he did increase my blog traffic by 120%, so I'm not complaining. In my defense, and as I explained to Kyle, I don't think that Mark Richt is going anywhere. After having met the man in person, I truly believe that he is someone to be completely trusted with the future of the football program. I share Kyle's belief that when Richt steps down as head ball-coach, it will be as the winningest coach in UGA history.

My diary in question was in response to the recent turmoil at Florida State and the longevity of rumors long since debunked, regarding Richt's connection to the Seminoles. I admit that the rather convincing argument postulated by one rugby-loving FSU zealot did spark the doubt that caused me to submit the diary entry. As Kyle accurately pointed out, libertarian Bulldog fans are more prone to pessimism regarding the program. I would go further as to say that libertarians in general are far more pessimistic about many things, and more prone to be conspiracy theory nerds like me. The point of the post was to gauge the Bulldog nation's opinion on the matter, in hopes of reassurance on Richt's status. And thanks to Kyle's lengthy rebuttal, I now have that assurance.

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