Bonehead pollsters have their day

The AP & Coaches polls are out. LSU and Oklahoma have jumped the DAWGS based on what? Yesterday's results.  I don't buy it. OU & LSU were favorites and should have won the games.  The fact is that one week ago, UGA was ranked ahead of both and based on history, that should have been enough to get to the NC game in this crazy football season.

But, the media darling's LSU have somehow rained on our parade despite not looking impressive for the last 8 weeks. The pollsters seem to need to justify their pre-season rankings to prevent them from looking like complete idiots.

The Harris poll is going to follow suit and with 2/3 of the BCS accounted for, the computer rankings won't be a factor, although the computers may bump us down also.

It's been a great year and this team has improved vastly from the team that lost to SC & UT.  We just have to build on it, take care of business in our bowl game, and come back next year with fire in our eyes.

Thanks for the memories guys.  Good luck to the seniors.  AND GO DAWGS !

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