BCS Madness

Are you KIDDING ME?!?! The #2 Curse strikes AGAIN and West Virginia goes down to Pittsburg!! OMFG! And #1 Mizzou loses to blOwU... and suddenly, MAGICALLY, UGA is in contention for a National Championship.

Yeah. I said it. And here's my arguement.

You say UGA cant be #2 because they didnt play today, and they didnt win their conference championship. I say Ohi State didnt play today...and technically, didnt win their conference championship... there WAS no title game AND they didnt play everyone in their conference so therefor did NOT "win" their conference... if only by default.

You say a team cant be in the title without winning their conference. I say the BCS has voted on this SEVERAL times and there is no law, statute or rule stating that a team MUST win their conference in order to play for the national title. (Take Nebraska in 2001 versus Miami... sure, that didnt end so well, but THATS not the point.)

You say blOwU or LSUCKS will jump from #9/#7 and be #2 and take on Ohi State because they won their conferences. I say that #7 and #9 is a BIG jump to #2. #9 is a MASSIVE 7-spot leap and I just cant see that being justified. Add to that the fact that LSU, whos defense has struggled the last few games, will be playing WITHOUT their defensive coordinator if they play in the title game.... can you REALLY justify such a leap, and putting such a team in such an important game? AFTER the SEC championship game teams were decided, the BCS---not just any poll but the BCS poll--- put UGA at #4. AHEAD of LSU and OU. FOR A REASON. UGA is just a BETTER team... plain and simple.

The computer is impartial. Ohi State will be #1 (as undeserving as they are... the best teams in the nation right now are as follows: 1-UGA, 2-OU, 3-USC) and UGA will be #2.

The WRITERS... will want to ease their fractured egos and say "SEE... at the beginning of the season we TOLD you LSU would be in the title game and SEE... we were RIGHT". eye roll BULLSHIT. Do the RIGHT thing. Put the team whos BEST, the team who stands a chance of walking away with the title in the damned game. Otherwise... let OU toss OhiSt around for a while, or HELL, Id even let them have a crack at USC... and let UGA beat LSU, and THEN we have OU and UGA in the title game. Which, in my humble, girly opinion, is the game that SHOULD be.

The BCS will take into account what- like 6 or 9 computer polls, and the writers polls, and all their other criteria, and its going to be a cluster #%$@.

While I argue that the championship game SHOULD be UGA & OU...letting OU jump from #9 to #2, I STILL maintain that #9 should NOT jump to #2 over a #4 UGA. I know tht doesnt make sense. In a perfect world, everyone would just be smart enough to realize those are the two best teams in the nation. We wouldnt need a play off. We wouldnt need the polls. Yall would just.... KNOW the way I do. However, its NOT perfect. And it WONT be UGA and OU- which would be ONE HELL of a game, by the way.

But... based on all the facts before me, and all the variable, and all the... chaos... it should be Ohi State and UGA in the BCS Championship Game. #7 is a big jump, and theyre going to be light their DC. #9 is a MONUMENTAL jump without a playoff system of some sort (which only works THIS year, in MY theory, because where do you draw the line? 16 teams? 32 teams? adding a MONTH to the season???) to the #2 slot.

I suggest you all hunker down between the hedges somewhere. If UGA is NOT #2 and in the Championship Game... theres going to be HELL to pay.

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