Taxpayers Owe Georgia Football

Being a libertarian, it's hard for me to justify any federal/state spending that could have been better handled through the private sector. The more I ponder it though, the more I think there is an exception:

If Georgia were to ever expand Sanford Stadium or build a new Football Stadium, the taxpayers should be liable for the bill.

The University of Georgia Football Team has given a lot to this nation over the years.  It has provided the people of this nation with years and years of top-caliber football.  It has provided the highest quality players to the NFL.  

UGA Football has consistently owned everyone at everything.  There is no organization or individual in the world more deserving of our gratitude and support than the Dawgs.

The taxpayers owe a debt to the Bulldogs for years of proud service in the name of dominating college football.  It is only fitting that the next stadium or stadium expansion be offered by the taxpayers as a tribute to the greatness of Georgia Football.


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