Lets try to get this done.

As a student here at the University, I thought I would let you guys in on a movement here in Athens that I thought yall would like to know about.  It appears that the seniors on the team have asked the student body, as well as the alumni, to have a Black out for this Saturday's contest with the  Plainsmen/War Eagles/Tigers? of Opelika.  

Now, I know what you are thinking, we tried to do that against Tennessee last year and lets just say, that didn't go as well as we hoped.  However, there is a key difference to this years version of the "Black Out".  

This is OUR team asking for OUR support, rather than a student lead movement.  Lets face it, this team is young, and they need to play with fire and emotion to make up for their lack of experience.  Why not give them that "fire in their belly" as well as pump up the whole stadium?  This is a huge game, and I want my ears to be bleeding by the end of the game from all the crowd noise.  

Plus, although this one may just be a creation of the rumor mill, it appears that the team might actually be dressed in all Black for this game, which would be just incredible to see.  I kind of liked the black pants that we pulled off a few years ago, and I think that a all black uniform would look good, if only just for a game (If only I can get Damon Evans convinced to bring back the classic red road pants).  

Its just too bad ESPN didn't pick us up for a night game, which doesn't make sense at all since the Dawgs have a good shot at earning the SEC East crown, while UF and USC need a whole hell of a lot of stuff to go just right for them to even be in  consideration.

Anyways, get the word out to the Nation, and lets shake Sanford Stadium to its core with the fury of 93,000 strong.  GO DAWGS!!!!!    

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