Dear Dawgsports:

  I've never written in to an advice column before, but there's an issue that's been bothering me recently which I'm wary of revealing to friends.
  You see, I'm an expatriate dawg living in the Chicago, and recently I've been bragging about our freshman 1,000 yard rusher (who will run for more than 1,600 if he continues to rush for over 154 a game) Knowhson Moreno. They are always impressed, and this gives me a sense of well-being. However, I have a secret - Moreno is in fact a RED-SHIRT freshman.
  I know, I know. But a little white lie never hurt anyone, right?
  Here's my question: Should I feel bad about refering to Moreno as a freshman? Should his accomplishments really be compared to other freshman like Walker and Brown? Am I being dishonest when I leave out the "red-shirt" part?

Thanks, Dawgsports.
Intellectually Dishonest in Chicago

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