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5 Things: Troy State Edition.

Kyle has already provided you with too much information about today's matchup with Troy. From his masterwork, the musings of other savvy commentators, and my own illogical ramblings, I've compiled the 5 things I believe you'll see tomorrow:

1) Omar Haugabook. On the sidelines. Truthfully, Coach Blakeny would never hear the end of it if his star quarterback was lost in a sacrificial lamb game and missed the team's pivotal conference showdowns coming up against Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee State. Troy is currently alone atop the Sun Belt. They need to win those two games to guarantee snagging the conference's automatic bid to the New Orleans Bowl. As much of an affront to our collective ego as it may be, this game is not the singular moment of the Trojans' season. Troy will play their two freshmen quarterbacks, who will get a good audition for next season. If Haugabook is feeling really frisky, they may insert him some. But hamstrings are tricky little devils, and a dual threat quarterback with a bad hammy is more a threat to himself than to anyone else.

2) Jason Johnson having a career day. Weird statistic #1: Walk-on freshman Kalvin Daniels has as many rushing yards this season (44) as Kregg Lumpkin and Jason Johnson combined. But that's about to change. Johnson is our most dependable backup. With Auburn, Kentucky and (with a little luck) a shot at the SEC Championship Game on the line, Coach Richt will do what needs to be done to keep Knowshon fresh as a daisy. If he gets more than 20 carries, I will be shocked and dismayed.

3) Demiko Goodman making one touchdown catch. Coaches Richt and Eason have talked about how Demiko seems to have a spark this season. He's averaging 20.4 yards per catch (tops on the team), and is starting to look like the big downfield threat we recruited him to be. Weird statistic #2: Kenneth Harris, Michael Moore and T.J. Gartrell have combined for 3 catches and 9 yards on the season. It's like Coach Eason forgot that they haven't exhausted their eligibility yet. Look for one of these three (my pick is Kenneth Harris) to join Goodman and Kris Durham in having big games against a smallish Troy secondary.

4) Leodis McKelvin lighting a fire. Anyone who has watched our kick coverage this year knows that facing one of the best punt returners in the country could get dicey. If Troy is going to make something happen in this game with Haugabook hobbled and our offense beginning to hit its stride, the spark may have to come on special teams. McKelvin is a legit NFL prospect, but he won't win the game by himself. He could however create some energy in what looks to be a semi-lifeless 1:00 Homecoming crowd.

5) UGA 34, Troy 17. While the 'Dawgs rewarded my embrace of the inner-Munson last week, I just don't see us losing this one. While Troy has scared several SEC opponents in recent years, they have precious few wins to show for the effort. My guess is that Georgia either comes out and seizes control then empties the bench late, or comes out flat and pulls away in the second half. I'd prefer the former but could live with the latter. If we can play tough, smart football from the opening bell, I'd take it as a huge sign that our little team is all grown up (or at least on the way). That would be very comforting.

By the way, we're now inside of 1 week from the start of basketball season. Next week will bring a mix of football and roundball as we simultaneously attempt to hate Auburn and Jacksonville State. I'll let you guess who we hate more. Go on, just guess.

Hope everybody has a happy Homecoming, and that we're all toasting a victory this evening. Until later,

Go Dawgs!