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Which Was the Worst Loss of the 2007 College Football Season?

I apologize profusely for the light posting this evening, but I have been hampered by temporary technical difficulties. Fortunately, the diaries have been an active place of late, which is a good thing, so check 'em out and feel free to add one of your own.

In the meantime, the time has come to report on the results of the vote on the most recent Dawg Sports poll question; viz., "Which was the most embarrassing loss of the college football season?" Of the available contenders, Appalachian State's win over Michigan garnered the most votes, finishing first on 133 of the 251 ballots cast (53.0%).

In the Wolverines' defense, the Mountaineers are 10-2 and just advanced to the second round of the Division I-AA playoffs.

The Crimson Tide faithful will be comforted to know that a comparatively paltry 83 voters (33.1%) deemed Alabama's loss to Louisiana-Monroe the season's most shameful setback, while Southern California fans will be relieved to learn that only 35 ballots (13.9%) were cast for the proposition that the Trojans' defeat at the hands of lowly Stanford constituted the campaign's most embarrassing outcome. (By the way, the line of the year regarding the Cardinal was this: "Well, of course, Stanford had the most difficult schedule in the country. They did not have to play Stanford.")

Under the circumstances, the new poll question is as obvious as it is intriguing: "Which of the B.C.S. bowls would you most like to see Georgia attend?" Would you prefer the history and pageantry of the Granddaddy of 'Em All, the oldest existing bowl that the 'Dawgs have never won, or the site of the first bowl Georgia ever attended?

Your votes go here. I'll be back with more tomorrow.

Go 'Dawgs!