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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again to update the Mark Richt Victory Watch, in which we count down each successive win on Coach Richt's inexorable march to the all-time school record for career victories.

The Mark Richt Victory Watch now stands at 71. Coach Richt is just 130 wins shy of matching Vince Dooley's school record of 201 career victories.

With 90 games now under his belt as the Bulldogs' head coach, Mark Richt has a won-lost record of 71-19. At the same point in their respective careers, Harry Mehre (55-31-4), Wally Butts (65-23-2), and Vince Dooley (61-25-4) all trailed Mark Richt.

Yes, but has Mark Richt beaten Georgia Tech for seven straight seasons? Yeah, we've been there, done that, and gotten the T-shirt.

Although the heartbreaker in Lexington earlier in the day was a bit disappointing, it's tough to complain about any season in which your team beats its three biggest rivals by margins of 12, 25, and 14 points, respectively.

Go 'Dawgs!