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Basketball Predictions and the Verdict on the Black Jerseys

This is a busy time of year, to say the very least, and I have gotten behind on a few administrative matters, for which I humbly apologize. It appears that I have allowed, not one, but two poll questions to come and go without reporting the results. These are they:

When asked how the Georgia men's basketball team would fare this season, the largest single bloc of voters deemed Dennis's 'Dogs a bubble team that would not make the N.C.A.A. tournament field. Perhaps ironically, 64 of the 210 ballots cast went for that option, representing 30.5 per cent of the total.

The next largest portion of the electorate also was the most dour, forecasting a losing record for the Red and Black. This prospect garnered 51 votes (24.3%), followed in succession by "shut out of postseason play altogether," with 36 votes (17.1%); "deep into the N.I.T.," with 27 votes (12.9%), and "early exit from the N.C.A.A. tournament," with 25 votes (11.9%).

Bringing up the rear was that confident contingent prepared to predict a Sweet 16 appearance for Georgia, a distant possibility that collected a mere seven votes, or 3.3 per cent of the total.

Some 366 ballots were cast regarding the ensuing poll question, which asked in the aftermath of the Auburn game, "How often should the Bulldogs wear the black jerseys?" A clear majority---a whopping 228 votes, or 62.3 per cent of the total---took the position that the Georgia football team should only break out the black jerseys once every two or three years for big games.

Another 82 votes (22.4%) supported donning the black jerseys once a year, whereas 29 ballots (7.9%) favored their use only in S.E.C. championship games or B.C.S. bowls. The final 7.4 per cent (27 votes) argued against any attempt to duplicate the blackout ever again.

Take those results for what they are worth, while bearing in mind that these are not scientific polls, and check out the current poll question, which asks, "Which was the most embarrassing loss of the college football season?" You may vote for Appalachian State's win over Michigan, Stanford's win over Southern California, or Louisiana-Monroe's win over Alabama here.

Go 'Dawgs!