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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

Ere I get to the business of declaring the national game of disinterest, I should call attention to something The Unknown Stuntman kindly pointed out: Roll Bama Roll has the addresses to which cards and donations may be sent as shows of support for former Crimson Tide football player Siran Stacy during this time of tragedy for his family. Please follow up your prayers for the Stacy family with action to assist during this trying period.

On a less somber note, it is time to announce the holiday weekend's least compelling college football contest, which is known in these parts as the national game of disinterest. This evening marks the beginning of an intriguing slate of important games around the country, but, despite what is on tap for us, there are several contests which generate truly an astounding degree of indifference.

Among the contenders for this dubious honor were such outings as Utah State at Idaho, Florida Atlantic at Florida International, Louisiana-Monroe at Louisiana-Lafayette, and Miami (Ohio) at Ohio (Ohio). These, though, always have been boring games to most of us. To be the national game of disinterest, though, a contest has to go beyond a merely ordinary level of insignificance.

Therefore, this week's national game of disinterest is . . .

Nebraska at Colorado

As recently as 2001, this was a game that carried national implications for both teams. Sadly, tomorrow's renewal of what became the best new rivalry in the Big Eight during the 1980s will serve only as a sad reminder of how far both programs have fallen.

The Buffaloes are only just starting to climb out of the hole into which they stumbled at the close of the Gary Barnett era to start the debacle that was 2006. The Cornhuskers literally are at their lowest point in more than 40 years, having begun the autumn being merely bad and collapsed into an absolute disaster of a football team.

This is a meaningless game between two teams that are going nowhere. The only good thing that can be said about this contest is that it is being played on a Friday, thereby sparing both squads the indignity of extending by an additional day the sorry seasons each has endured. When the only purpose a given game serves is to hasten the arrival of the offseason, that outing is the national game of disinterest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Go 'Dawgs!