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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

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Even though yesterday's was a 12:30 kickoff, Saturday wound up being a longer day than anticipated, so I am only just getting around to updating the Mark Richt Victory Watch, in which we here at Dawg Sports count down each successive victory en route to Coach Richt's inevitable overtaking of Vince Dooley as the winningest coach in Georgia football history.

The Mark Richt Victory Watch now stands at 70, placing Coach Richt just 131 wins shy of tying Coach Dooley for the all-time school record. With at least two, and possibly three, games remaining this autumn, Coach Richt already has won 70 games in his first seven seasons. It doesn't take a Texas Instruments calculator or a nerd from the Georgia Institute of Technology to tell you that Coach Richt is averaging ten wins a year, which ain't bad.

Coach Richt's won-lost record now stands at 70-19. With 89 games under their respective belts, Harry Mehre (54-31-4), Wally Butts (65-22-2), and Vince Dooley (60-25-4) all trailed Mark Richt.

Go 'Dawgs!