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'Dawgs Pick Up #24 for 2008.

Rivals is reporting that Riverdale offensive tackle Cordy Glenn has committed to play for the 'Dawgs. Glenn had been considering Georgia and Alabama, but with the recent Alabama commitment of Memphis tackle Barrett Jones and Glenn's back-to-back appearances in Athens for the Auburn and Kentucky games, most observers felt like this one was going to happen eventually. That doesn't however take away from the fact that the 6'6, 315 pounder is a huge (pun totally intended) pick up for Coach Richt and Recruiting Coordinator Rodney Garner. In addition to great size, Glenn also has very good feet and quickness. His technique has improved significantly since he first hit the national recruiting radar as a junior, and he represents one of the final remaining pieces of the recruiting puzzle- a possibly dominant tackle for the future.

One piece of news that escaped notice yesterday (well, except for the keen ears of David Ching) was the departure of junior college transfer Scott Haverkamp for repeated violations of the University alcohol policy. It's unfortunate, though not a crushing blow. After struggling with injury early in the year, Haverkamp seemed to fall behind freshmen Clint Boling and Chris Davis in the guard rotation. Hopefully he'll land someplace where he can use his talents. After stops at Kansas, Butler C.C. and Georgia he may be running out of chances.

The good news is that this may free up one more scholarship for the incoming class of 2008, for which we have a lot of highly regarded prospects, but not a lot of scholarships remaining. Haverkamp's exit probably means we can take 2 more commits safely. Personally, I think we could realistically take 3 more because either a) Xavier Avery will never make it to Athens because of his baseball skills, or b) at least one other commit won't make it because he'll get poached before signing day. This is leaving aside the issue of academics, which those of us who haven't looked at the transcripts and test scores couldn't possibly know about. Last year's class aside, it is rare that we don't lose at least one recruit to the persistently effective recruiting of Hargrave Military Academy.

I'll be back on Tuesday with the past week's 5 Things Revisited. Until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!