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Game Day Open Comment Thread and Honorary Captain

Game day has arrived and it is just about time to head over to the Classic City for the "Red-Out"---is it too much to hope that, in order to match the all-blue uniforms the Wildcats donned for last year's showdown in Lexington, the Bulldogs break out the red pants for this game?---but, before I hit the road, I wanted to go ahead and post this week's game day open comment thread. Feel free to share your thoughts about the day's action below.

I must admit, the announcement that paratroopers will be delivering the game ball makes me more than a little nervous; it's a neat effect and all, but it has a history of bad mojo. (As if it wasn't bad enough mojo for Georgia to have to play a team from a border state on Lincoln Financial.) I will attempt to counteract these troublesome vibes by appointing this week's Dawg Sports honorary game captain.

It will not surprise you to learn that today's honorary game captain is Fred Gibson. In 2001, the first year of the new millennium and the first season of the Mark Richt era, Gibson broke a 59-year-old school record with 201 receiving yards in a 43-29 win over the Wildcats between the hedges.

I'm fine with Matthew Stafford completing passes to multiple receivers instead of hooking up with one guy nine times, but I want to see touchdown catches of 56 and 68 yards like the ones Gibson hauled in that day. The Bulldogs need to move the ball down the field through the air this afternoon, which is why I chose Fred Gibson as this week's honorary captain.

Here's hoping Stafford and the receiving corps turn the "Red-Out" into a "Fred-Out."

Go 'Dawgs!