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Game Day Open Comment Thread and Honorary Captain

Welcome to your weekly game day open comment thread. Your observations, opinions, reactions, and reflections are invited as the 'Dawgs tangle with the Tigers in the Deep South's oldest football rivalry. I hate Auburn and, if you hate Auburn, too, you should feel free to share your reason(s) for hating the Plainsmen in the comments below. If you don't hate Auburn, brother, are you at the wrong weblog!

Naturally, I wish to use this occasion to announce this week's Dawg Sports honorary game captain, a post which falls to a former Georgia football player whose past performance against a particular opponent makes him especially well suited to representing the Bulldogs of days gone by for this specific contest.

Today's honorary game day captain is Lauren Hargrove, who lettered for the Red and Black varsity during the early 1950s, when the Classic City Canines were finishing up an 8-0-1 run over Auburn.

Hargrove never lost to the Tigers, and, against the War Eagle in 1951, he scampered 79 yards from scrimmage to register the longest touchdown run ever recorded by the Bulldogs against the Plainsmen, either before or since. Sparked by Hargrove's long run, Georgia carried the day in Columbus that autumn, spanking the Tigers by a 46-14 final margin.

Go 'Dawgs! Sic 'em! Woof, woof, woof!