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Game Day Open Comment Thread and Honorary Game Co-Captains

Our good friend Sunday Morning Quarterback will be hosting his first pan-gridiron open comment thread today, so you may want to pop over and pay him a visit.

No, not this Sunday Morning Quarterback . . .

. . . or this Sunday Morning Quarterback . . .

. . . but this Sunday Morning Quarterback!

For the record, in the same posting linked to above, SMQ predicted a 34-23 Georgia victory this afternoon. (MaconDawg forecast a 34-30 outcome and I foresaw a 31-27 final margin, but we all went with the 'Dawgs. Rocky Top Talk saw it going 34-31 the other way.)

SMQ also made reference to "Ohio U. of Ohio," which may or may not have been an homage to my long-running "Ohio (Ohio)" joke. I go back and forth over whether I appreciate the allusion, find reassurance in the notion that great minds think alike, or ought to call him nasty names for swiping my line.

In any event, this is your Bulldog Nation-based weekly game day open comment thread. Last Saturday's open thread generated some quality discussion and, in the week since, the diary section has been an active place.

For this, we are most appreciative. Keep the comments coming and the conversation going, folks. If you're not set up to post your thoughts, you may sign up for a user account here.

Now, though, it is time to name the Dawg Sports honorary game captain for the Tennessee game. Given the magnitude of this contest, I hope you will not mind that I have selected co-captains for this significant showdown. These are they:

If you think either of those images requires so much as a word of explanation, you're at the wrong weblog, my friend. In fact, if you aren't hearing a pair of classic Larry Munson play calls running on a verbatim loop in your head right now, you haven't been paying close enough attention.

Go 'Dawgs!