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Over/Under. Ramblin' Man Edition.

It's autumn here along the fall line, which means it's time to head out to Rose Hill Cemetary, crank up your old copy of At Fillmore East (or the selections from it you now keep on your iPod) and contemplate another football Saturday. Seriously. Maconites totally hang out in the cemetary where Allman Brothers Duane Allman and Berry Oakley rest. So, in true free form, improvisational fashion, I'd like to present the Over/Under for the Tennessee game, live and in stereo. So, over or under?

Now that, by God, is a mustache.

1) Mikey Henderson will average 19.9 yards per punt return. If you listen to Tennessee fans, the little man from Buford is their biggest fear. Seriously, he's like a 5'8 chupacabra or something. I'm taking the under on this one just because I tend to think the paranoia extends to the Vols' coaches, and that they'll kick away from him a lot. This however may open up good field position all by itself.

2) Erik Ainge will complete 69.9% of his passes. When Tennessee gets their quick slants, screens and dump-offs going, they move the ball very well. If Erik Ainge hits this number, I think it's a bad night for the road team. Last year I wasn't sold on Erik Ainge, and I extended my skepticism into the offseason. But so far this season he's one of few bright spots in the Tennessee offense. I'm taking the over, and worrying about it all weekend long. I think our saving grace on defense will come if Ainge gets out of rhythm at a critical juncture, or surrenders a killer interception. But it's going to be a long and frustrating night for the Bulldog D.

3) Thomas Brown runs for 99.9 yards. After last week's breakout performance, the Dawgs appear to have a bona fide duel threat at tailback. Brown seemed to catch his own rhythm against Ole Miss. Rather than careening around wildly looking for somebody to run over, he ran to daylight and gashed the Rebels. This Vol defense is just begging for similar treatment. I'm taking the over.

4) Knowshon Moreno has 49.9 yards receiving. That's right, receiving. Knowshown has been dangerous out of the backfield as a safety valve for Matt Stafford, whose sophomore performance has underwhelmed some Dawgsports readers. Tennessee will be keying on the run, and they're young in the secondary. I think if we can get Knowshown open on the wheel route (and actually hit it this time) there are points to be had here. I also think that there will be some plays where Tennessee is looking run, we're running, and suddenly find ourselves in 2nd or 3rd and long. Those are great times to sneak it to the Human Red Bull over the line and let him run.

He gives us wings. (HT: John Curry and the Athens Banner Herald)

5) Georgia gives up 30.9 points. I like our defense. I know they're young and have been gashed at times. I know that they made Ole Miss's offense look like Nebraska under Tom Osborne at times. But their performance against South Carolina looks a lot better to me after last night's Gamecock win over Kentucky. But I truly worry that 31 points may be the point of no return in this one. If we get into numbers like that, I fear we'll need the defense or special teams to come up with big plays to get there. But I think that at some point Willie Martinez's young bunch is going to man up when it really counts, and this could be the game for it. I'm taking the under. If you're heading to Knoxville, have a safe trip. Back after the game . . .

Go 'Dawgs!