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Don't Bet On It: National Game of Disinterest

You already have been given my erroneous predictions concerning the S.E.C. and national games, so that just leaves what we here at Dawg Sports like to call the national game of disinterest.

What, you may ask, is the national game of disinterest? It is that one game every week with respect to which I refuse on general principle to make a prediction, so pervasive is my lack of concern with respect to the outcome.

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles is shown here completely ignoring the national game of disinterest.

Had you asked me at the end of August, I would have told you that I was greatly looking forward to the game in question, but times have changed and, consequently, this week's national game of disinterest is . . .

Utah at Louisville

Some, I am sure, will find my designation of tomorrow evening's showdown surprising. After all, I wrote the following just last February:

Wouldn't a Louisville-Utah clash in a bowl game be made intriguing simply by virtue of Card Chronicle's and Block U's competing claims that each of theirs was the more undeservedly disrespected team?

It was thereafter brought to my attention by JazzyUte that his team was slated to play the Cardinals this autumn. At the time, I was excited by the prospect.

That, though, was before U. of L. surrendered 42 points to Middle Tennessee State, lost to a Kentucky team the Cardinals lately have owned, and gave up 38 points in a home loss to Syracuse.

That was before the Utes lost three of their first four games, including a home date with Air Force and a shutout setback at U.N.L.V., prompting JazzyUte to declare the season "almost a complete train wreck."

It is too early to tell whether Louisville and Utah are programs on the rise suffering through brief downcycles or whether the departures of Bobby Petrino and Urban Meyer, respectively, marked the ends of temporary upswings. I tend to think these are good programs struggling through difficult years, but the appeal this game held on Labor Day weekend did not survive September.

Seriously, y'all can have him back. We'll even chip in to cover his moving costs.

Cards, Utes, let's do this again sometime . . . but, right now, let's don't and say we did, 'cause I ain't picking this one.

Go 'Dawgs!