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Poll Reveals That Nearly Half of Dawg Sports Readers Support Uga for President

Permit me to begin by extending my belated congratulations to The College Football Review's Dave McMinn, who got married last Saturday. We here at Dawg Sports send our best wishes to Dave and Kelly on their recent wedding, next to which "even college and UGA football is second place." Don't hold it against Dave that he got married during football season and be sure to check out his site once he gets back from his honeymoon next week.

Now, to the matter at hand. A short while ago, you were presented with this conundrum: "If given the choice between saving the life of the presidential candidate you support in 2008 or saving Uga, which one would you save?"

Among the 252 ballots cast, nearly one in ten opted for rescuing a presidential candidate from peril rather than protecting the life of America's most beloved mascot. I was surprised at how high this total was, since it is apparent than none of the current contenders on either side of the aisle would make remotely as good a president as Uga makes a mascot, but there is an argument to be made that any human life (even that of a professional politician) is more valuable than any animal life (even Uga's).

107 voters indicated that they would let even the presidential candidate they preferred plummet from the cliff to which he clung in order to save Uga from such a fate, but very nearly half (122) recognized that this was a trick question because Uga was their preferred presidential candidate in 2008.

The new poll question is much more straightforward: "Who's No. 1?" Your votes go here and any thoughts you have on that or any other subject of interest to Bulldog Nation may be shared in what has been a particularly active diary section of late. Be sure to give it a look.

Go 'Dawgs!