My boy will never wear prison jumpsuit orange!


When I was growing up in the cypress swamps of north Florida, we were always told to be very careful when heading up to the highlands. There were strange folk up in the hills, you see - moonshiners, hillbillies, people who didn't understand the principles of genetics. If you looked at them wrong they would start a feud with you and never rest until your entire family was hunted down. Well, turns out you can take the Vol out of the hills but never the hills out of the Vol. Should of remembered what I learned as a younger man.

There's a lot of Big Talk coming up the Thames from the Big Smoke this week. I mean, it's one thing to have pride in your team (even if they do spend a lot more than four years in prison jumpsuit orange). But it's another thing entirely to call Uga, the pride of the University of Georgia, "ugly" - well, that's drawing a line in the sand. And as a proud member of The Dawg Nation, neither I nor my family are likely to back down from a fight. Zach, Timmins and I are up for anything the Vol Abroad can bring. As you can see in the picture above even Timmins wears Georgia colors, and British readers may recognize Zach's defiant two fingered salute to the Big Orange Army.

And just for impugning the honor (welching indeed) of an alum of The Greatest University in the South I'll raise the stakes! My boy, myself and my dog will all don orange if by some bizarre act of the devil the Vols and their fat little coach manage to slip past the mighty Dawgs. By accepting this bet, you are succumbing to the inevitable fate of adorning young Cletus, yourself and your little cat in glorious red and black. I guess it's fair to allow our Irish partners to maintain amused neutrality.

Sic `em Dawgs!

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