A Word or Two About Terrance Moore's Article

[Editor's Note: Below is an excellent diary from early this morning, which I have bumped up to the main page in order to call greater attention to its fine point. Nice job, randomterrace.---T.K.K.]

I'm not sure how many of you read Mr. Moores article in the AJC about how Georgia was "foolish" and classless in celebrating thier touchdown and racking up penalty yardage. The article goes on at length to explain that A) what Richt ordered the kids to do probably worked and was probably smart and necessary, but B) he still shouldn't have done it.

Terrance Moore does not believe what he wrote. I feel very sure of this, because he dedicates several paragraphs to the "yes, but" concession list that marks bad arguements. I feel very sure of this, because I suspect that Terrance Moore is not actually an idiot, or someone that has some kind of axe to grind against UGA. Because of these reasons, it seems almost silly to write anything refuting his contrived and contrarian bid for moral authority and attention. Almost.

The decision to celebrate the touchdown, while costly, was not indicative of a lack of institutional control or "foolishness." It was Mark Richt making a decision (days in advance) to spark the dwindling fires of the UGA players, coaches and fanbase. The celebration was, in addition, bereft of any serious taunting of belittling(sic) of the opponent. Dancing, in my book, is not taunting.

Moore also makes Coach Richt out to be a hypocrite for getting upset that our players stomped on the Vanderbilt logo before turning around and encouraging them in their most recent "foolishness."  Let us debunk this absurd claim.

  1. The Vanderbilt logo is on Vanderbilts home field. Richt was upset that we were showing up an opponent at thier home stadium. Jacksonville, our record of the last 17 years notwithstanding, is NOT an away stadium. It is just as much ours as Florida's. The decision to celebrate, as much as anything else, dismantled the Gators' percieved home-field advantage. I repeat - Jacksonville is OUR stadium too. We can celebrate when and where we choose, without showing up or humiliating the opponent.
  2. Vanderbilt, recent successes notwithstanding, is Vanderbilt. We should never lose to Vanderbilt, in any stadium at any time. To celebrate a last minute victory over a historically bad team reinforces mediocrity and insults the great teams of a few years ago. Georgia doesn't do that because Georgia is much, much better than Vanderbilt.
  3. Richts anger at Vanderbilt and emotion in Jacksonville are two sides of the same coin, a fact that Moore chooses to ignore. Both lit a considerable fire under the players, both reinforced the high expectations this program should have every year. Both were acceptable and in my humble opinion, damn near necessary.
Mr. Moore - your column was stupid. You are a fool. But it's hard for me to stay mad at you, because I know you didn't mean it. I suggest your editors shove your computer off your desk, get in your ear about lazy, self-serving contrarian columns, and demand something more from you, something the AJC can be proud of. In short, they should follow the estimable example of Mark Richt.

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