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Game Day Open Comment Thread and Honorary Captain

It's going to be a fairly "no frills" game day open comment thread today, but that's O.K., because you know the drill. Your thoughts, reflections, and observations on Georgia's game with Vanderbilt and the other college football action around the country go in the comments below.

Today's honorary game captain was an easy choice. Against the Commodores in 1980, he carried the ball 23 times for 283 yards (12.3 yards per carry), three touchdowns, and ten first downs. Seven of his scampers went for more than ten yards, including a 60-yarder. Let's hope Knowshon Moreno has as good a day---heck, I'd be happy if he had half as good a day---against Vandy tonight as this guy had in his freshman season:

Go 'Dawgs!