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Who's No. 1? Not a tough call, actually . . .

A likely truncated edition of Too Much Information will follow later this evening; in the meantime, check out Doug Gillett's detailed breakdown of the 'Dores. (Yes, I know the preferred shorthand for Vanderbilt's sports teams is now "Commies" instead of "'Dores," but I had a nice alliterative cadence going on there with Doug, detailed, and the second syllable of breakdown, so I wanted to finish it off, particularly since the closing turn of phrase phonetically suggested the team's need to exit the locker room with such fire, focus, and ferocity that it would "break down the doors." Yeah, I think way too much about this sort of thing.)

For the moment, though, I need to give you the results of the most recent Dawg Sports poll question, which initially was asked after the topsy-turvy weekend of September 29 and was skewed strongly by subsequent events during the topsy-turvy weekend of October 6. Bear that in mind when assessing some of the earlier votes, which were sensible a week ago but appear positively daffy today.

The question, of course, was: "Who's No. 1?" 132 of the 162 votes cast---a whopping 81.5 per cent---went to L.S.U., whose closest competitor, with 12 votes, was "None of the above," a selection garnering 7.4 per cent support from the electorate. Half that many ballots were cast in favor of California, whose six votes were good for a 3.7 per cent showing.

South Florida finished a surprising fourth, receiving five votes (3.1%) and doubtless causing Sunday Morning Quarterback to be at once intellectually satisfied as an unbiased commentator and personally aggravated as a partisan fan. Southern California collected four votes (2.5%), all doubtless cast before last weekend's stunning yet not really surprising loss to Stanford.

Wisconsin, also the beneficiary of ballots offered on its behalf prior to last Saturday's setback, hauled in two votes (1.2%), trailed by last-place Ohio State. The Buckeyes' recent history of being battered into submission by the student-athletes enrolled in the member institutions of the Southeastern Conference doubtless influenced electors who recalled Ohio State's losses to Auburn in the 1990 Hall of Fame Bowl, Georgia in the 1993 Citrus Bowl, Alabama in the 1995 Citrus Bowl, Tennessee in the 1996 Citrus Bowl, South Carolina in the 2001 and 2002 Outback Bowls, and, of course, Florida in last year's national championship game. Hence, the Buckeyes received but one vote, for a pitiful 0.6 per cent showing.

The current poll question calls upon you to finish the following sentence: "In 2008, Georgia's defensive coordinator should be . . ." Peacedog has offered a measured assessment that strikes me as eminently sensible, but that is the question on every fan's mind at the moment, so it is time to take Bulldog Nation's temperature upon this issue.

The Realist's assessment of the candidates appears here and your votes go here.

Go 'Dawgs!