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Providing Historical Perspective on the Ole Miss Game

I was a little nervous about the Ole Miss game after the Alabama game. Historically, beating the Crimson Tide has been a harbinger of bigger and better things where the remaining opponents on the Bulldogs' slate are concerned; in seasons in which the 'Dawgs defeated 'Bama, the Red and Black have posted records of 3-0 over Tennessee, 8-4-1 over Vanderbilt, 9-8 over Florida, 13-10-1 over Auburn, 9-3 over Kentucky, 13-7-1 over Georgia Tech, and 5-2-1 in bowl games. However, the Classic City Canines were just 3-3 in those seasons against the Rebels . . . until Saturday.

Although Georgia generally has been dominant against Mississippi, the series has been streaky in nature. From 1940 to 1970, the Rebels were 5-3-1 against the Bulldogs. Between 1971 and 1988, however, the Red and Black went on a 16-2 run over Ole Miss, including a winning streak of 12 straight games. The Rebs regained the upper hand from 1989 to 1996, posting a 5-3 record against the 'Dawgs. Since 1997, Georgia has taken eight straight from Mississippi.

During those eight consecutive victories, the Bulldogs have held the Rebels to 17 or fewer points every single time, but Saturday's contest marked the first occasion on which Georgia had scored more than 37 points against Ole Miss since 1985.

Mark Richt is 4-0 against Ole Miss. No previous Georgia head coach has ever started his career with as many as two straight victories over the Rebels.

Go 'Dawgs!