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Saturday Afternoon Dawg Bites

This is the season's final weekend of college football and the new year's first weekend of women's gymnastics (yes, women's gymnastics), but, while we are in the interstice between fall and winter, I should take this opportunity to get you caught up on a few things you might have missed.

How can you not root for a Georgia athlete named Courtney McCool? (Photograph from U.S.A. Gymnastics.)

Here's all the news you need to know:

Both Peter and Orson have beaten me to the punch in pointing this out already, but it's worth calling your attention to it again: Doug is counting down the 50 most loathsome people in college football, and the first 30 named are hilarious.

The Lawgiver had the misfortune of attending the Rose Bowl, but at least he was able to give us a nice review of the parade.

Evidently, Brian takes the perspective that the Song Girls are not altogether unattractive young ladies.

As usual, LD has some good observations on college football in general, but the highlight of his recent ruminations has to be his detailed breakdown of just how truly pathetic Notre Dame's postseason losing streak is. As someone who likes bowl games and doesn't like the Fighting Irish, I have to say that I enjoy watching the Golden Domers get run out of the building to start each new year . . . and I wouldn't want to change the system that allows that to happen.

The 2006 College Football Blogger Awards are on the verge of being unveiled, so keep your eye on Rocky Top Talk, where the ball will begin rolling early next week.

If Dawg Sports wins anything, I will send Sacheen Littlefeather to deliver a speech explaining that I refuse to accept the award until Auburn is given the death penalty. I hate Auburn. (Photograph from America On-Line.)

Finally, new year's resolutions have been offered by Sunday Morning Quarterback and Burnt Orange Nation. While I have not put nearly the thought into it that the proprietors of those stellar weblogs have, I am resolved to offering fewer comments here at Dawg Sports, at least upon substantive matters.

When nominating Bruins Nation and Burnt Orange Nation for the Best Community Interaction Award, I wrote that "I hope the day will come when I am able to generate the level of exchange that Nestor and Peter have earned." Toward that end, rather than monopolizing the discussion by engaging in one-on-one debates with such commenters as 34hawk (with whom I often disagree but whose contrary views provide necessary ballast), I should state my case in my initial posting and let my readers have at it.

Recent comment threads here at Dawg Sports have brought this point home to me. While I offered rejoinders, I need not have, as Ryan replied to 34hawk and Solon, NCT, and SSideDawg all responded to JGDawg.

My other weblogging new year's resolution is to post more pictures of Kristin Davis. (Photograph from Ask Men.)

During my student days at the University of Georgia, I joined the Phi Kappa Literary Society, where debate began with the presentation of a resolution and continued as subsequent speakers took the floor to offer their views. The presenter could ask questions of the ensuing speakers, but giving a second speech in the same debate generally was discouraged.

Likewise, after stating my case, I will endeavor to get out of the way and let the discussion in the comment thread follow its natural course, confining my role to monitoring and moderating . . . which, I should note, would only rarely be necessary, as the rhetoric sometimes gets overblown and the exchanges sometimes get heated, but few lines are ever crossed, which I appreciate.

Fortunately, I have an easier time managing discussion threads at Dawg Sports than Michael Bluth had managing his family. (Photograph from C.B.C.)

Moreover, the discussion here at Dawg Sports need not be limited to those subjects I put forward for the good of the order, which is why I am glad to see the diaries getting greater use. Yes, I know, the term "diaries" makes it sound like they're written by teenage girls recounting their innermost feelings or by Chris Fowler (if you will pardon the redundancy), but they are intended to be used as a vehicle for offering perspectives on such matters as the commercialization of intercollegiate athletics, the number of former Bulldogs in the N.F.L. (including Reggie Brown), and the hiring of Nick Saban.

In other words, Dawg Sports is your forum, too, and I want to try to step back a little more, in order to allow you to use the interactive attributes that SportsBlogs Nation provides to the fullest extent possible. I'll get out of your way if you'll pick up the slack. Deal?

That ought to get you all caught up, ready to get on with your weekend, and (if you're like me) prepared to root for Ohio State for essentially the same the-enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend reasons offered at The M Zone to explain why Michigan fans now will be rooting for the Gators.

Go 'Dawgs!