Can we forfeit the '07 Bama game?

I am really scared now that Saban is at Bama.  Can't we just forfeit that game since he is so superior?  I have heard so much about Saban that I am petrified.  With Bama players and his wizard like skills, we are all doomed.  Auburn, UF, Tenn... We should all pack it in and move to another conference.  Doesn't anyone remember when he was 12-0 every year at LSU and Mich St?  Look at his two Super Bowl rings from Miami!

Bottom-line: Alabama had to pay their prom date.  Sure she is pretty, but you had to pay her!  First, he said "No!" because you are ugly and smell, then Daddy gave you some money to make her happy.  Nice.  Roll Tide?

He will stay three years, maybe win the West and then go to the NFL for a 5M/yr deal.  Am I the only one who sees the pattern?  His dream job?  No, his dream paycheck.  Hats off to him.  As Parcells would say "Let's put away the anointing oil".

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