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Congressman Polls Well in Home State, Alienates Key 2008 Battleground State

This much must be said on behalf of Bulldog Nation: Georgia fans are decisive!

I recently criticized Congressman Jack Kingston's vote against the U.S. House resolution recognizing Florida's national championship, and, when Dawg Sports readers were asked whether they concurred, not one vote was cast in favor of the "I don't know" option.

I inadvertently allowed the voting to go on slightly longer than usual on the latest poll question, which produced a slightly skewed tally. The largest share of the electorate disagreed with me, as 45 ballots (43.7%) were cast for the proposition that Representative Kingston should have voted against the resolution.

U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston received substantial support from Bulldog Nation, despite the fact that he is a former Michigan State student who thinks "it's a good day" any time Ohio State loses and who also observed, "I supported Florida in the game and wanted them to win and win big." Way to stake out a principled position there, Jack. (Photograph from Expose the Left.)

The next largest chunk of voters consisted of the 37 souls (35.9%) who wondered whether Congress had anything better to do. Just 16 participants in the poll (15.5%) concurred with my position and another five (4.9%) didn't care one way or the other.

Since college baseball season is fast upon us, the latest poll question concerns how the Diamond Dogs will fare in 2007. Will the season end in disappointment? Is another run to Omaha in the cards? Do the Classic City Canines have a shot at winning the College World Series?

Let me know what you think.

Go 'Dawgs!