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Let's Make a Deal

So I've been thinking about this whole Kentucky situation.

Last fall, the Wildcats beat the Bulldogs in the sport that matters more to Georgia fans than to Kentucky fans. This winter, the Bulldogs beat the Wildcats in the sport that matters more to Kentucky fans than to Georgia fans.

The solution seems simple, doesn't it?

I think we should agree to an exchange of forfeits.

The athletic directors of the Universities of Georgia and Kentucky should get on a conference call with the appropriate officials at the N.C.A.A. and make both schools' intentions known. The 'Dawgs will forfeit their win over the 'Cats on the hardwood if the Blue and White will forfeit their win over the Red and Black on the gridiron.

It's a win-win situation.

On the basketball side of the equation, U.K. would improve its tournament resume with an extra conference road win, while the Classic City Canines would be saddled with a loss in a game everyone expected them to lose, anyway.

On the football side of the equation, the Bluegrass State Felines still finish the season with seven victories, a winning record, and a bowl championship, which is more than anyone expected out of Rich Brooks's squad in the first place, whereas Georgia keeps its streak of 10-win seasons alive and erases the only truly bad road loss of the Mark Richt era.

That, then, is the deal I'm proposing . . . a straight-up, one-for-one swap, win for win, basketball for football. Everybody goes home happy.

What do you say, U.K.? Do we have a deal?

Go 'Dawgs!